• Using EdgeProp EPIQ mapping tools, find out exactly where the recreational spaces are and gain a measure of how green each area is.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Klang Valley, the allure of green spaces not only enhances urban living but also boosts property values. According to a report by URBANET, “property values tend to increase in proximity to green spaces”, making buying a home close to parks in the neighbourhood a smart investment.

For homebuyers seeking a balance between urban convenience and natural tranquillity, living among the greenery provides visual stimulation and serenity for the mind, body and soul. However, rapid development and land availability often result in limited green spaces in urban areas.

This lack of green areas also contributes to warmer cities as trees provide shade and cool the surrounding area. A study reported on urbangreenbluegrids.com states, “in the shade of a tree, the perceived temperature is 3°C to 19°C lower than in the sun. Creating shade is therefore the most effective means of reducing perceived temperature. Trees are therefore the most effective means of realising cool urban spaces and providing relief to a city’s residents on hot days, because they give shade and cool the air through evaporation”.

In response to these challenges, the Second National Urbanisation Policy (NUP2) states that “Malaysia has pledged to reduce its carbon intensity by up to 45% by 2030”. To support this goal, initiatives to promote green development include creating green neighbourhoods that prioritise public transportation, cycling, low-carbon buildings and community gardens. These efforts aim to ensure a healthy, comfortable environment and encourage community interaction.


We selected seven popular residential areas in the Klang Valley to assess the percentage of public park spaces against land size in each location.

1) Subang Jaya, with a total of 10,792.2 acres, has 3.61% of parks against land area.

Subang Jaya, often referred to as Subang, is renowned for its vibrant lifestyle and diverse community. This suburban city in Selangor continues to attract residents, students and businesses alike, and has a total of 386.64 acres of parks in the whole area.

2) Parks in Puchong cover 3.4% of its total land area of 26,586.7 acres.

Puchong, known for its thriving commercial centres and excellent connectivity, is another location in Selangor that is sought after for residential properties, and the parks in the area encompass a total of 386.64 acres.

3) Bandar Utama boasts parks that account for 7.96% of its 998.461 acres of land area.

This bustling urban hub in Selangor is home to residential neighbourhoods, shopping malls, educational institutions, medical facilities, and recreational parks. In total, Bandar Utama’s parks cover 79.51 acres.

4) The proportion of parks to land area (673.663 acres) in Taman Tun Dr Ismail stands at 5.52%.

Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) is a renowned residential area known for its lush greenery, excellent amenities and vibrant community life in Kuala Lumpur. There are 37.1835 acres of park space throughout the neighbourhood.

5) Bangsar holds 0.48% of parks in relation to its land mass of 1,349.63 acres. 

Bangsar is an affluent neighbourhood in Kuala Lumpur, highly sought after among the locals and expats for its excellent amenities and a prime location. In the entirety of the Bangsar area, parks cover 6.42 acres.

6) 3.38% of Setapak’s land area of 3,278.23 acres is designated as parks.

A matured neighbourhood in Kuala Lumpur with strategic location to the city centre, Setapak is home to a variety of amenities, including shopping centres, hospitals, and educational institutions. It boasts a total of 110.92 acres of park space.

7) Parks in Wangsa Maju occupy 1.12% of the total land area of 918.529 acres.

Wangsa Maju, a thriving township in Kuala Lumpur, is popular particularly amongst students. Offering an array of amenities, from healthcare facilities, convenient public transportation options to numerous commercial hubs, it caters to diverse needs. Across the whole area, parks span 10.29 acres in total.

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