Moving in the right direction

When times are tough, the strategy employed by some to steer a business out of stormy waters could include seeking divine inspiration or even help from experts.

Feng shui practitioners are convinced that geomancy can improve business and work performance, but it is also no secret that feng shui will not guarantee the desired success and wealth. Why?

According to Datuk Yap Cheng Hai, the grandmaster of Yap Cheng Hai Academy, feng shui constitutes one of an individual’s three types of luck — the other two being “heavenly” and “human” luck.

While a person can influence and control human luck and feng shui, he is also born with heavenly luck. This explains why some are born with a silver spoon, which means, they never have to work a day in their life yet can live like kings. Others with heavenly luck include those with the Midas touch — everything they do or don’t do somehow turns out positive.

Human luck, on the other hand, is earned through hard work. This, together with feng shui practice, can help one to enhance one’s overall luck, says Yap.

Courses and books on feng shui practice are abundant and when asked for some quick tips, Yap says: “First, make sure that the building’s main door is facing a good, if not the best, direction which suits the boss. This rule should also apply to the positioning of his table.”

How do you ascertain a good direction? This depends on the person’s “gua” number, which is calculated based on his sex and year of birth.

This is a feature of the “eight mansion” formula which Yap, who practises classical feng shui, says has been around for 1,500 years. “From your gua number, you will know the direction that suits you the best, including your element — be it earth, water, fire, wood or metal.”

Yap says it is also important that one has the full support of the “black tortoise” at the back, red phoenix in the front, green dragon on the left, and lastly, the white tiger on the right.

“In order to have the black tortoise, make sure there is either a wall or cupboard behind and at a level higher than your armchair. To get the support of the red phoenix, ensure that there is ample space in front of your table as it signifies the amount of luck flowing to your business. To get the backing of the green dragon and the white tiger, there must be a wall to your left and right sides.”

In an office, according to Yap, if you face a good direction, it will bring luck to your career advancement.

These days, paraphernalia promoted as feng shui enhancement are aplenty. Yap believes that these can only improve a person’s overall luck by 5% to 10%, if they are selected and placed the feng shui way. “If you belong to the metal element, colours such as white, gold, silver and yellow will boost your energy and enhance your luck,” says Yap.

Paintings are popular with some workplaces. “For example, if your element is metal, don’t choose paintings featuring river and water for your office as they may drain your energy. If you like paintings with green mountains, pick those without river banks or lake.

“If a person’s element is fire, he must try to avoid water in his paintings; instead, go for scenic views of a desert or mountains in red colours,” says Yap, who will be conducting a beginners’ course on feng shui from March 13 to 15 and another (intermediate level) from March 20 to 22.

This article appeared in City & Country, the property pullout of The Edge Malaysia, Issue 744, March 2-8, 2009.

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