Residents of Seri Bougainvillea, Ipoh, reject unlicensed security services

Seri Bougainvillea Ipoh

IPOH (Dec 14): Residents of Seri Bougainvillea, Bandar Seri Botani in Ipoh are unhappy with their housing developer for hiring an illegal security company to guard the neighbourhood over their protests.

Residents' Association (RA) chairman M Manimaran said the security firm chosen by the developer was unlicensed and the foreign workers that it employed did not possess permits to work as guards.

"We have checked with the Home Ministry and found that the company is not licensed to provide security and patrol services.

"We lodged a police report on the matter in October but to date, no action has been taken by the authorities.

"Our attempts to raise this issue with the top level management of the developer company have also been blocked by a few of the lower level staff.

"That is why we are highlighting this in the media. We hope it will come to the attention of the parent company responsible," he told reporters in Ipoh yesterday.

Manimaran said he and his neighbours were also unhappy with the developer's attempts to divide the residents by suggesting that they form a second RA.

He believes the developer wants a second RA was to support its plan to retain the illegal security company, which will charge RM70 per month for the services starting next year.

"The developer hired the company's services last year and offered it free for two years to residents, as we had formed our own gated and guarded community in 2012.

"Now, despite knowing that many have rejected the illegal security company, they (developer) are hoping to sow discord among residents and instigating the formation of a second RA.

"This is not allowed by the Registrar of Societies," he said.

He added that out of 500 occupied homes in the neighbourhood, 400 were already paying a monthly fee of RM40 for the security services set up by the RA in 2012.

Residents of the adjacent Seri Palma B are also dissatisfied with the developer for failing to keep its promise to build a fence around the neighbourhood.

Seri Palma B RA treasurer Aw Kwai Fong said the fence was in the developer's sales pitch to the buyer in 2010, but last year, the developer had sent a letter informing the residents that the fence would cost each house RM600.

"They then gave the excuse that the majority of the residents were against putting up the fencing for its failure to deliver on their promise.

"But our RA managed did a house to house poll and gained 300 signatures out of 400 occupied homes in support of the fence," he said.

Aw said the residents had sent letters and tried to get answers from the developer, but failed to receive a response.

"We are at our wit’s end and unsure how to proceed from here.

"Hopefully, highlighting this to the media will finally result in some action," he said. -- The Malaysian Insider

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