Credit crunch to impact Britain's financing for new homes

KUALA LUMPUR:  The current credit crunch could result in significant changes to the way new homes will be financed, built and planned in the country, according to a report by Knight Frank LLP, London on The Future of Residential Development in Britain.The March 2009 report said Britain's residential development industry has entered a period of "drastic change", one of which the public

Urban Renewal

How will property development fare in Kuala Lumpur city in the future? Land for development is fast disappearing. Green lungs should not be touched. So, where do we go from here?Urban renewal is the answer.

How landlords can resolve tenant problems

If landlords were to get together, there would be a number of not-so-pleasant tales exchanged about their experiences with tenants. According to lawyer Chris Tan of Chur Associates, the common complaints from landlords include tenants defaulting on rent, running away and making improper use and not taking care of premises.

Sustainability — a very powerful word

It was after 7pm last Tuesday when City & Country finally managed to catch Kuala Lumpur Mayor Datuk Ahmad Fuad Ismail in his office located smack in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.His office and the guests’ waiting area were a hive of activity; among those in the queue was a foreign delegation waiting to pay Datuk Bandar a courtesy call.Our meeting with Ahmad Fuad finally got underway but by 8pm

Oriental appeal of Jade Hills

Travelling along the SILK highway approaching the town of Kajang, Selangor, one can see numerous property developments. The town famous for its satay is now seeing its vicinity become more vibrant due to improved infrastructure that has increased the investment prospects of the properties in this area.

Time to cherry-pick JB properties?

As the Malaysian economy lurches inexorably towards an economic contraction, the prospects for the property sector do not look encouraging. In Johor, the recessionary pressures afflicting the region, especially neighbouring Singapore, may mean that the southern state’s property market could experience greater stress. However, in the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.

#Audio* Chris Tan on tenants and tenancy

The Edge speaks to lawyer Chris Tan, managing partner of Chur Associates on how landlords can deal with tenant problems. Tan will be speaking at The Edge Investment Forum on Real Estate 2009 on April 4.

Hong Kong tops in office occupancy costs

HONG KONG: Hong Kong's office occupancy cost is the highest in the world in 2009, according to the latest Global Office Real Estate Review published by Colliers International.Despite the year-on-year (YoY) drop of 4.8% in occupancy cost from US$181.73 psf in the Central Business Districts (CBD)  to US$178 psf,  Hong Kong has moved from second to the top in the ranking of 50 countries.Colliers H

Sky’s the limit

Sky bridges and covered walkways between buildings may not be a common sight in Malaysia but this looks set to change.In the just unveiled RM60 billion mini-budget designed to shore up our economy amid a global contraction, RM100 million has been allocated to build sky bridges and covered walkways between buildings, mainly in the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur.All Malaysians would be familiar