TAHPS goes digital to boost profile and sell property

KUALA LUMPUR (April 14): Property developer TAHPS Group Bhd hopes to engage in more digital marketing efforts to reach out to young people who want to buy a property in the future.

"For us it's important to start engaging now. We've been keeping a very low profile, we have been very traditional in the way we have been engaging with our customers,” TAHPS chief executive officer Eugene Khoo told a press briefing yesterday.

“We have to move with the times or else we’ll get left behind. Digital marketing is the way to go," said Khoo, adding that the group also plans to increase its budget in digital marketing initiatives.

Khoo said one of the ways he hopes to reach out to potential buyers is through the use of the group's new digital application "Bukit Puchong Community App".

“We see the application as an important communication tool to people who may be interested in buying a property.

“They may not be interested in buying a property today but maybe they will be 10 to 12 years down the road. As a long-term developer, people who are in their 20s today are our target market in 10 years' time," he said.

Khoo said he sees the importance of creating a following now to capture future buyers.

“We want to start capturing the market now. So if they know us today and they like us, the likelihood of them buying a property from us 10 years down the road is much higher compared to if we reach out to them in the future,” he noted.

The app, which will officially be launched on April 22, is an online app targeted for both residents of the Bukit Puchong community, as well as the public.

The application is aimed at providing residents with information on safety matters, up to-date happenings in the township as well as to help deter crime.

TAHPS is the first developer in the country to use this type of app for all of its properties, Khoo said.

As the main developer of Bukit Puchong, Khoo said it is the group's corporate social responsibility to ensure that residents in the township can raise their families in a safe and secure environment.

Khoo added that the app is also a way for the public to get to know the area and familiar themselves with TAHPS as the developer of the township.

TAHPS shares were untraded today, It last closed at RM7.15 on April 11, with a market value of RM535.2 million.

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