Amidst his efforts to warn the public against "falling for" Pakatan Harapan's "tactics" in the Cameron Highlands by elections, Ahmad Maslan found inspiration in the strawberries so abundant upon those verdant hills, and produced a culinary masterpiece that had many on Twitter scratching their heads, perplexed. 

He posted pictures of his creation, fried rice with halved strawberries, with the caption "Always fried rice, can't cook anything else?" He went on to explain that he could cook other things, but that this dish was special because the strawberries were bought in Cameron Highlands in the run-up to the by-elections.

He listed the ingredients in his post as well: rice, onions, eggs, anchovies, pepper, chili sauce, cabbage, salt, palm oil and halved strawberries.

"It's delicious, do try it," he said in the tweet.


Unfortunately some of his fellow party members did not find his culinary adventures appetizing.

Khairy Jamaluddin said that while he was staunch supporter of Ahmad Maslan's cooking, this particular recipe was "gross".



Khairy also went on to post a picture of a pavlova, a baked dessert topped with berries, saying that it was an example of how to use strawberries in the right way. He said it could be named "Pavlova Ahmad Maslan".


Others on Twitter reacted with a mixture of revulsion and confusion. 



One user said that it was great, and suggested that Maslan should try using palm fruits, to support local products and commodities. 


Maslan later responded by clarifying that he never claimed the recipe was original, and attached photos from others who had concocted strawberry fried rice and strawberry nasi lemak dishes. He questioned that it was something to be confused about. 

"Creativity is without limits," he said, inspiring the next generation of strawberry fried rice connoisseurs. "That which is not a crime, and not a sin may be tried."


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