Malay interest and position the basis for Kampung Baru redevelopment: PM

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 21): Putrajaya's plan to redevelop Kampung Baru will not push the Malay residents away from the historical part of the city, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad assured.

“The allegation is untrue and completely baseless.The interest and position of the Malays are the basis for the move to redevelop Kampung Baru," Dr Mahathir said in his speech/posting on his official Facebook page.

“This is provided for in the Kampung Baru Development Body Act 2011 which states that the interests of the Malays, including their social needs, economic situation, heritage, traditions, culture and historical value will be prioritised when developing the area,” he explained.

He was supposed to have been in a townhall session with landowners of Kampung Baru this morning but he could not attend the event, reported Malaysiakini.

“I believe the redevelopment will not only be beneficial to landowners but also allow more Malays to live and trade in Kampung Baru,” Dr Mahathir said.

The prime minister also noted that the Malay area has been left behind as the rest of the city went ahead with development.

Dr Mahathir also felt that Kampung Baru had become "congested and messy" over the years, which caused the residents to move away to other areas. Foreigners then started moving, he added.

He also said that more Malays will want to live in Kampung Baru if it became "beautiful, neat and comfortable", adding that any redevelopment will the land value.

He also envionsed that those who migrated away "will move back”.

According to a Malay Mail report, the government has offered Kampung Baru landowners "the maximum value of RM850 psf for their land, which translates to more than RM6 million for each plot said to average around 8,000 psf".

In addition, landowners with properties on their land will also be paid an extra amount based on the value of the properties.

“I was told the average plot of land there is 8,000 psq. That would amount to RM6 million plus,” Federal Territories Minister Khalid Abdul Samad was reported saying during today's ownhall session with Kampung Baru folk.

Khalid also revealed that the amount offered "was based on the best value of the land considering its status as Malay Agriculture Land".

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