'Trial' traffic light system at PJ's Jalan Othman-Jalan Templer intersection

PETALING JAYA (Dec 7): There will be a three-phase traffic light system implemented at the Jalan Othman-Jalan Templer here for a one-month trial from Dec 23 to Jan 24 to reduce congestion, reported The Star.

The current traffic light system is the four-phase type.

The report stated that during the trial period with the three-phase traffic light system, motorists “from both sides of Jalan Templer [from the Assunta Hospital roundabout and Jalan Kelang Lama] will not be able to make a right turn and U-turn”.

The traffic lights along Jalan Templer “will remain green at the same time to reduce congestion” while vehicles from Jalan Othman and Jalan Gasing can move normally without any changes in the flow of traffic.

“We chose the last week of December as the start date as there will be fewer cars on the road,” said Bukit Gasing assemblyman Rajiv Rishyakaran.

“On regular days, motorists cannot make a right turn and U-turn on Jalan Templer from 7am until 9am where the road will be closed by police officers.

“During peak hours in the morning and evening, police and MBPJ officers will be on standby,” Rajiv told the daily.

The contra-flow at the flyover will also not function during the trial period as only vehicles coming from Jalan Kelang Lama heading to Jalan Gasing will be able allowed to use it.

Rajiv added that said Petaling Jaya City Council had set up notice board at the junction to inform the public about the impending changes.

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