The year of the Metal Rat and you

Chinese Metaphysics consultant Dato’ Joey Yap shares this year’s outlook for individuals born under each Animal Zodiac.

Chinese Astrology is a profound and interesting area of Chinese Metaphysics that some believe could offer guidance to each animal zodiac on the prospects for the year. ‘Astrology by Animal Sign’ is a simplified form of astrology reading, adopting the sole view of one’s Earthly Branch from his or her BaZi. Owing to the straightforwardness of this method, it offers the most simplistic view of one’s Annual Outlook. Let’s find out what’s in store for you in 2020.

1. Rat

Wealth While there’s no denying the Rat’s efforts can and will yield monetary rewards, you’ll need to be extra cautious of unwittingly overspending and waste your hard-earned cash. Having a budget plan and adhering to it will keep the Rat’s wallet plump in 2020.

Career You’ll find people in both your social and corporate circle that will willingly help and empower you in your pursuits. Be approachable and a team player.

Relationships Committed Rats should still keep the fires of their romance ablaze by whisking their partner on a relaxing getaway this year. Single Rats should prioritise the expansion of their social circle as this will increase their chances of finding someone that catches their eye.

Health Pay extra attention to your physical and emotional wellbeing this year. The Rat has a greater chance of suffering from urinary system issues this time around.

2. Ox

Wealth You’ll see many opportunities to generate wealth across various avenues, even beyond your day job. The Ox may enjoy prosperity this year, but remember to rest and don’t get burnt out!

Career The Ox’s likeability will soar this year as superiors and co-workers become more receptive of you, enabling a harmonious working environment.

Relationships The single Ox is ready to mingle and there will be potential partners. Don’t play coy; be earnest and sincere about your feelings without being overbearing and your search for love may come to an end.

Health The sturdy Ox remains relatively impervious to serious illness in the coming year, though a good diet and fitness regime will ensure that even common health concerns will not bother you.

3. Tiger

Wealth While wealth opportunities will be aplenty if you’re receptive to travelling, suppress your urge to splurge as monetary loss is a very real threat this year.

Career The professional road ahead is rocky but enhancing your communication prowess will go a long way to ensure your efforts don’t go unrecognised!

Relationships A positive mind and an upbeat personality will allow the Tiger to resist the effects of their weak Peach Blossom luck in 2020. Potential partners will be charmed by the energy that you bring so, stay cheerful!

Health The Tiger is daring, but now’s the time to channel that trait in ways that don’t involve any grave risk to both your physical and mental wellbeing. Stick to an effective health regime and the Tiger will stay fit in 2020.

4. Rabbit

Wealth As long as you avoid high-risk investments, you’ll be hopping towards abundance through 2020. Remain diligent and assume an uncompromising work ethic.

Career The Rabbit is liable to being swept up in gossip at the workplace. Giving priority to work over corporate drama will allow you to minimise the backlash of wagging tongues.

Relationships Single Rabbits will be hopping for joy in 2020 thanks to positive Peach Blossom luck, though you’re advised to be proactive in the game of love. Committed Rabbits may want to consider tying the knot owing to the presence of Auspicious Stars.

Health A change of lifestyle and daily routine could help preserve the Rabbit’s physical and mental wellbeing. Prevention is far better than cure.

5. Dragon

Wealth It’s prudent to rely on those far superior to you in terms of financial management this 2020. The Dragon should be looking at investments into fixed deposits as well as saving plans.

Career Miscommunication and backstabbing may dominate your professional life this year, but they are also opportunities for you to discover ways to improve your interaction with others.

Relationships Committed Dragons are in the clear for a progressive love life this year; there’s even the probability of wedding bells! Single Dragons aren’t quite as fortunate though mustering the courage to convey their affections may lead to surprising outcomes.

Health The Dragon should refrain from extreme physical activity this year. Be mindful of overexertion.

6. Snake

Wealth There will be opportunities for the Snake to accumulate, save and spend money in a more relaxed manner than the previous year.

Career There is high chance of a promotion this year as your rapport with superiors improve overall. Don’t be afraid to voice out your contributions!

Relationships Take time to breathe and collect your thoughts before letting your emotions escalate into an argument. This goes for both single and committed Snakes.

Health Cast away your frivolous attitude towards your health this year. Don’t underestimate minor health concerns; treat them before they worsen and pay attention to your diet.

7. Horse

Wealth Wealth opportunities will be elusive if you do not exert the necessary effort; a diligent workhorse is the best Horse this 2020!

Career Meditation and charity work will be a source

of calmness and appreciation from others; this will counter the stress you’ll endure at the workplace this year.

Relationships Those committed should remember the trials they have gone through as a couple as this will strengthen their bonds. The single Horse should explore new social circles to make up for the lack of interesting people in their current ones.

Health Stress may be a dominant issue for you if you allow work to affect your personal life. Counteract this by having ample amounts of rest, sleep, supplements and nutrition.

8. Goat

Wealth Careful financial planning will mitigate the possibility of minor wealth loss this 2020. Beyond this, your wealth opportunities are looking very positive though your own negativity may make you too blind to notice how fortunate you truly are.

Career The first half of 2020 will be a crucial time to establish a foundation for your career. Suppress your impatience and don’t mindlessly jump at every career opportunity you see.

Relationships It’s time for confessions and courtships for all love-struck Goats! Acts of love will be even more impactful, so plan that date or vacation as well as any other romantic gestures. 

Health Be extra careful of what you ingest, especially if you are an older Billy Goat! You might want to consider having more home cooked meals.

9. Monkey

Wealth You will need to rely on the assistance of others this year to boost your wealth, perhaps in the form of expert advice on what to invest in and how to shore up your financial security.

Career Find ways to showcase your talents more prominently to garner the attention of your superiors or other important figures. Meanwhile, be extra careful about who you trust and what you say.

Relationships It’s crucial to deepen your bond with your partner or potential romantic interest. Your partner should also be your best friend, so make the effort to improve your relationship on that level as opposed to merely being romantic or sexual.

Health While no major illness is expected, it is still recommended to resist those exceedingly tasty, yet extremely unhealthy and oily foods.

10. Rooster

Wealth It’s time to diversify your options for attaining wealth. Don’t just stick to what you already know. Research other methods of increasing your finances and seek professional help.

Career It may not be the most smooth sailing but the Rooster will nonetheless encounter good opportunities such as the possibility of enrolling in a career development programme or company trips to improve connections both within and beyond your workplace.

Relationships The single Rooster sees positive love luck this year though Mr or Mrs Right won’t simply arrive through a fortuitous encounter. Show that you’re interested in losing your single status and you’ll massively up the chances.

Health You may be surprised how much difference maintaining a healthy diet and eating habit can make.

11. Dog

Wealth A solid financial backup plan will be your defence against the constant possibility of monetary loss this year. Don’t be too quick to invest your money during this lacklustre wealth period.

Career Influential people will have your back in the professional space, deterring potential backstabbers and opportunists from exploiting you. Be sure to show your appreciation to the people in power who will assist you. By aligning your efforts with those who have greater authority, you stand a fair chance of turning your career prospects around.

Relationships Love-struck couples and wedded pairs may be more likely to fall sick, which is why it’s a good time for them to show each other more affection and care. The Dog may also easily misunderstand their partner’s words and intentions this time around, so it may be wise to look at their loved one’s body language as well and not just what they say.

Health You won’t have any difficulties finding the best medical assistance should your health deteriorate, though prevention is better than cure. Minor physical injuries are more likely this year so, avoid extreme activities especially if unprepared with essential safety measures.

12. Boar

Wealth You will see a positive shift in your wealth luck this year as more doors open for better part-time jobs and alternative sources of income.

Career You won’t need to struggle in your professional life too much, thanks to a generally positive relationship between you and your colleagues. In fact, you may be primed to elevate yourself to a better corporate position by leveraging their assistance.

Relationships Great news for the single Boar — you won’t be alone much longer. That said, it’s best not to act on impulse; take your time to know your love interest on a deeper level before committing.

Health Don’t use your busy schedule as an excuse to neglect your health. There are plenty of quick and cost effective ways to care for your health such as nutrition and fitness without compromising your career goals.


Dato’ Joey Yap is the founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, a global organisation devoted to the teaching of Feng Shui, BaZi, Qi Men Dun Jia, Mian Xiang and other Chinese Metaphysics studies. He is the best-selling author of 182 books and the chief consultant of Joey Yap Consulting Group. In his free time, he likes to snowboard and feed his inner wanderlust. Find out more about Chinese Metaphysics and what this ancient art can do for you with the new FREE Thriver’s Guide 2020 available here.

This story first appeared in the pullout on Jan 24, 2019. You can access back issues here.

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