PETALING JAYA (April 7): Who says you cannot exercise at home during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period? Yim Heng Fatt, a Malaysian man shows that you can even run a marathon while staying at home.

In a Facebook video posted by him, he said he began his indoor run on April 4 at 6am. He ran in a 50m loop at an average of 22 seconds while taking breaks in between to go to the toilet, play with his cats, cook his meals, and even stopping for a while to watch music videos. He also tried to run non-stop in blocks of 10km which is roughly about 200 loops. His journey was all documented in his Facebook postings.

He finally completed the entire run after 36 hours yesterday, clocking in a total of 263km.

“The good thing about running indoors is the ability to control the weather. Out comes the fan and even the air-con and it does get hot and muggy during late afternoon. The first day itself I used up five bath towels soaking up the sweat from dripping on the floor. Plus, running at home means you can virtually run naked,” quipped Yim in his post.

To keep himself motivated, he rewarded himself with a can of beer after every 50km.

Yim shared that the run was in conjunction with a charity event whereby for every 10km completed, one face mask will be contributed to hospitals and old folks' homes.

“You'd probably be going, oh that's just 23 face masks that I've contributed, money also can buy. It's more than just that. It's about the camaraderie as a team, enjoying ourselves with the run indoors, and making a positive change in our own little way. Even if it's a tiny one. Every little bit helps to fight this pandemic affecting each of us,” said Yim.

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