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LIVING in the tropics, heat is constant all year round. Because of this, many households have air conditioners, which can be harsh on your wallet as they are heavy users of energy.

Greenbuildingindex Sdn Bhd, the administrative arm of the Green Building Index, shares with us seven tips to optimise the use of your air conditioner to save electricity.

1. Wash and service air filters regularly to keep your air-conditioning system running at peak performance. You may schedule regular maintenance of your air-conditioning system as per manufacturer’s recommendation.

2. Purchase an energy efficient air-conditioning unit such as those with 5 Star Energy Rating certified by the Energy Commission of Malaysia. This also applies to other white goods such as refrigerators and washing machines.

3. Contain your air-conditioned areas by closing exterior doors and windows tightly when the air conditioner is on. This will ensure the room remains cool and reduce the workload of the air conditioner.

4. Where available, choose models with inbuilt inverters. Inverters, which can adjust the speed as needed, can reduce energy consumption.

5. Set the air conditioner temperature at around 24 to 25 degrees Celsius. The compressor will stop running once the thermostat determines the air in the room has reached the desired temperature. This means the compressor will work longer to reach a lower set temperature.

6. Switch off the air conditioning half an hour before you leave the room or home. It will still be cool enough.

7. Open your windows to enjoy natural ventilation and natural daylighting.

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