FLOWERS are more than just pretty things. Like us, they are living, breathing forms of life. Renowned Ikebana artist Shogo Kariyazaki believes that when a flower arrangement is placed in a home, the blossoms transform negative energy into positive and lift the spirits of those in it.

Ikebana is a discipline in which nature and humanity intertwine, and also a form of artistic expression, says Kariyazaki.

“Flowers are a thing of beauty. An arrangement of fresh flowers, especially, satisfies the senses. It pleases and soothes the eyes, its scent fills up the air. We breathe it in, and its soft and sometimes satin-like petals feel good when we touch [them]. But more than that, it has life and thrives on its surroundings,” says Kariyazaki, who was in Kuala Lumpur recently.

He says floral arrangements are sensitive to the prevailing energies in an environment. Like humans, a plant is affected by the emotions of others and can feel neglect and affection, for example. Hence, flowers are more likely to stay vibrant in the presence of admirers and not when they are seen as just part of the furniture.

Kariyazaki says that if you allow and believe that flowers have the ability to change your mood, just sit by one and admire its beauty. In that brief exchange, you will notice your mood improve tremendously because it is in the nature of a flower to live in an environment that is happy — and it will create that environment if allowed.

Interestingly, he also believes that placing a yellow flower on the west side of a home will encourage good fortune for its inhabitants. Red and yellow flowers allow one to feel empowered, but to give your space a more relaxed feel, blue and purple flowers are recommended.

Kariyazaki advises that different locations in a home require unique flower arrangements. Each has to suit the mood and colour of the space. For example, in a room of earthy colours, a green-themed arrangement is the best match. He emphasises the need for colour contrast for a balance of moods. If a room has vertical lines, vining plants such as a money plant can be used to add texture to it. In a space that is spare, branches can help occupy space.

The next time you pick flowers for your home or a gift bouquet, bear in mind that the colours you choose reflect your mood and feelings at that point in time. Choose wisely, and it doesn’t hurt to make another person’s day brighter even if you’re not having the best of days. Think happy thoughts!

This article first appeared in The Edge Property pullout, on June 5, 2015.

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