Meet The Edge-Mah Sing Millionaire challengers (Part 2)

PETALING JAYA (Aug 20): Saturday is D-Day for 21 chosen ones as they fight for The Edge-Mah Sing Millionaire’s grand prize – a RM1 million (TEMS MILLIONAIRE) voucher to purchase any residential property in Malaysia by Mah Sing Group Bhd.

The grand finale, which will be held at the Southville City @ KL South, Bangi, sales gallery will entail a mix of physical and mental challenges.

Members of the public are welcome to watch them duke it out from 8am, and light refreshments will be served.

The competition is a collaboration between The Edge Media Group and Mah Sing.

We feature more competitors today who share their preparations for the big day and how meaningful the prize is to them.

1. Vanessa Mering
26, quantity surveyor, Shah Alam

How did you feel about being shortlisted as a finalist?

It’s so unbelievable! This is one of the few contests I joined, and I can’t believe that I am so lucky!

I was so surprised and happy when I received the call from the organisers on Monday night. I immediately told my family members in Sarawak and they are also very excited but, unfortunately, they cannot join me here.

This contest caught my attention as it gives me an opportunity to own a house. I have lived in the Klang Valley for a few years and always dreamt of owning a home. Now, I am one step closer to fulfilling my dream.

How are you preparing for the grand finale?

I have done some research about Mah Sing and their projects and am also doing some exercises to boost my stamina. I am ready for this Saturday’s grand finale event and I am ready to win my dream home!

2. Caroline Chan Mei Lin
42, housewife, Kuala Lumpur

How did you feel about being shortlisted as a finalist?

I am so excited and can’t wait for the grand finale event and I hope I can win all the games and become The Edge–Mah Sing Millionaire.

I am very enthusiastic about this contest. After registering online, I logged in almost every day to play the games and share the information with my friends and former colleagues through Facebook or email to earn more tokens.

Actually, I am not so surprised, my sixth sense told me that I will be chosen and I was RIGHT! I like the online “Treasure Hunt” game very much as it provides substantial information of the properties. If I win the contest, my first choice will be Ferringhi Residence in Penang. I have been there before and I really like the design.

How are you preparing for the grand finale?

I am mentally and physically prepared for this Saturday’s event!

3. Alvin Dickson anak Paul Joko
26, student, Sarawak

How did you feel about being shortlisted as a finalist?

I am surprised. I did not really expect to be chosen, because I thought my token count was quite low as I started in the middle of the contest.

How are you preparing for the grand finale?

I have not really been preparing as I don’t know what to expect during the event.

4. Edmund Tan Chee Keong
37, head department of health, safety and environment at an oil and gas firm, Selangor

How did you feel about being shortlisted as a finalist?

When I got the call while I was riding the train, I was surprised. I thought I might have misheard and asked a few times just to make sure. When it actually registered that I was one of the finalists, I was thrilled!

When I knew of the contest, I immediately registered. Since I signed up quite soon after the contest was launched, I was hoping to be chosen. However, I was still pretty surprised that I was one of the finalists. Playing the games every day until I’ve reached the daily limit paid off.

How are you preparing for the grand finale?

Because the final round involves physical and mental activities, I should get more rest. I have been sleeping early and trying to get a good night’s sleep!

5. Irwan Jemakun
32, executive in automative industry, Johor

How did you feel about being shortlisted as a finalist?

It feels amazing, but no words can really describe how I feel. I was shocked when I received the call from Mah Sing. It is still unbelievable.

I signed up for the contest two days before it ended so it was unexpected, and this is also the first contest I have entered or taken part in.

How are you preparing for the grand finale?

I did some reading on The Edge and Mah Sing. Apart from that, I don’t really have a clue of what to expect except to be in proper attire. As I have been rather busy, I only managed a little jogging and training.

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