PETALING JAYA: About 2,375 hectares (ha) of land have been identified by the Selangor state government for regeneration and redevelopment, said Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

Speaking at the International Conference on Urban Regeneration here today, Khalid said the areas were identified in the Local Plans and Draft Local Plans of Petaling Jaya, Klang, Ampang Jaya and Kajang, in line with the policies of the State Structure Plan. 

He said the redevelopment would be done in various stages over the next 20 years and that it would be market-driven.

"The state government will create a competitive environment for redevelopment and for investors to be part of the programme," said Khalid, adding he would leave it to the business community to best decide what the market needed.

"We do not have plans to work with any particular developers; that would be cronyism," he told reporters.

Khalid also said he estimated the redevelopment of the 2,375 ha of land to be worth "billions of ringgit".

"Compared to the Iskandar project, the Selangor government need not invent infrastructure, but merely enhance it," he said, adding there was already demand in the state given its urban setting.

He added the state's concerns regarding redevelopment included the displacement of the urban poor, the surrounding neighbourhoods, traffic, and public amenities.

"Most investors have not realised the potential of this existing market," he said, adding the industrialised and urbanised Klang Valley, unlike the "imaginary" Eastern Corridor and Northern Corridor, was a reality.

In his opening speech at the conference, Khalid said urban renewal and regeneration was needed to replan and transform old urban and industrial areas to revitalise economic activities, provide better transportation linkages and infrastructure for enhanced and efficient social environments.

Of the 2,375 ha slated for redevelopment, he said 1,672 hectares were in the Petaling Jaya municipality, namely the industrial, commercial and residential areas of Sections 13, 51, 51A and 52.

"The Klang municipality has a total of 131.4 ha in need of redevelopment, especially the Klang town centre and Kampung Pandan, besides the banks of the Klang River," he said.

Khalid added 412.4 ha of land in Kajang, including its town centre and Sungai Ramal needed to be redeveloped, while the 159.3 ha of land in Ampang Jaya covering Ampang New Village, Kampung Pandan Dalam and areas in Jalan Jelatek and Taman Keramat are also in focus.

He said these plans were in line with the state government's economic stimulus package.

"The stimulus package, which includes the rehabilitation of the Klang River, is expected to generate an estimated RM10 billion in investments," he said.

He added the overall plan to redevelop the urban areas were aimed at revitalising the towns, creating job opportunities, improving amenities and infrastructure, improving the management of state assets as well as generating more revenue for the state and local governments.