Set up landlord association for greater protection of rights


SHAH ALAM (Oct 20): Chur Associates founder and managing partner Chris Tan highlights the importance of setting up a landlord association to lobby for greater protection of the rights of landlords.

This, he added was because current laws are mostly in favor of the tenant. 

He was speaking at his presentation titled "When tenants are king! Navigating the landmines" today at the Talk on "Are you destroying your investment in real estate?” organised by in partnership with Nippon Paint Malaysia. 

Tan also pointed out that there is no tenancy act in Malaysia. 

“Malaysia is pro-tenant in practice hence the landlords need to protect themselves especially today when tenants have better bargaining power,” he noted.

Tan also highlighted the possible nightmare situations that landlords face, such as overstay tenants and runaway tenants. 

“I have suggested this earlier and would like to highlight it again - that it is important to have a landlord association to protect the landlords’ right, share information and most importantly, to collect tenant database,” he shared. 

He adds that with the association, landlords can group up to lobby for better regulations.

Tan said in the meantime, one way landlords can protect their rights is to have proper tenancy agreements and understand their terms and conditions.

For more detailed coverage of the Talk, read the Oct 26, 2018 issue of pullout.

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