1 Architectural elements

a) Hairline cracks, discolouration and efflorescence to external walls

b) Unregulated use of glass in handrails

c) Chipped and/or cracked wall and floor tiles

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d) Inter-floor water leaks due to waterproofing issues with swimming pools, concrete flat roofs or elevated gardens

e) Lack of proper gradient (falls), causing stagnant water and clogged floor traps

f) Poorly-fitted timber doors and aluminum windows

g) Inoperable fire doors (not closing properly)

h) Rainwater splashing into lift lobbies

i) Premature rust and corrosion for exposed metal elements

2 Civil & Structural Engineering elements

a) Recurrent water seepage after PU injection grouting

b) Water seepage through water tanks, concrete slabs and swimming pools

c) Water seepage through construction joints

d) Concrete shrinkage cracks

e) Stagnant water on roads and in drains with inadequate gradient (falls)

3 Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Engineering elements

a) MEP installation not thoroughly tested and commissioned

b) Fire protection system with unresolved faulty signals

c) Unregulated residual current devices (RCD) for electrical installations

d) Burst water pipes due to cracking

e) Water seepage in M&E rooms – lift motor rooms, electrical switch rooms

4 Inaccessible or hard-to-reach common areas overlooked during inspection

a) Plant and equipment rooms – lift motor rooms, electrical switch boards, gen-set, pumps

b) Functionality of fire-fighting systems

c) Sewerage and rainwater pipes concealed  in boxed-up risers

d) Water tanks, submersible equipment,  embedded cables and in-ceiling installations

e) High-level wall facades, windows, skylights and roofs

f) Escape staircases

g) Basement walls

h) Concealed services – especially areas covered with ceilings and ID finishes

i) Desk studies – adequate, accurate, endorsed, approved and as-built drawings, documentations and warranties provided to the JMB or property manager for purposes of maintenance and management

(Source: Anthony Lee Tee of Architect Centre Sdn Bhd)

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