Teen injured by falling bicycle wheel at PPR high-rise

KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 6): It looks like people can throw all sorts of things from their high-rise homes these days.

In the latest case of potential killer litter, a teenager was almost killed by a bicycle wheel most probably thrown out from one of the higher floors of the PPR flats in Gombak Setia, Kuala Lumpur.

According to The Malaysian Insight, 19-year-old Muhammad Ikmal Abdul Razak ended up with a gash to the side of his head and needed 15 stiches to patch things up.

The report said that Ikmal was meeting friends on the ground floor when the wheel impacted the side of his head.

“I was in a daze. A second ago I was shaking hands with my friend and the next second something had hit my head and I could not remember what I was doing.

“I just stood there; I asked my friends what had just happened and then sat down by the roadside,” he told the local English news portal.

“I was very much conscious the whole time although my vision was blurry, and I had to tell myself to stay calm. 

“It was very painful but I told myself not to pass out,” he added.

Ikmal was taken to the hospital by a City Hall officer who was passing the area when the incident occurred.

Ikmal’s mother, Khadijah Abdullah, 51, said she was “devastated” when she saw the condition of her son but “was grateful” he was alive. 

“I feel sad and angry. I hope the police can identify the person immediately; I want the person to be chased out of the PPR,” she said.

The police are investigating the incident and are attempting to get fingerprints from the wheel.

Fifteen-year-old S. Satiswaran was killed at the Pantai Dalam PPR homes less than a year ago when he was struck by a falling chair thrown from one of the higher floors.

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