• “Package 1B (Pasir Hor to Kadok) and Package 2A (Kadok to Ketereh) is fully completed and already in use."

KOTA BHARU (March 21): Works on the five packages under the Kota Bharu-Kuala Krai Expressway project are under construction, while the two others have been fully completed.

State Public Works, Infrastructure, Transport and Utilities Committee chairman Datuk Azami Mohd Nor said the project is divided into seven packages with a length of 66.88km and costs RM2.33 billion.

“Package 1B (Pasir Hor to Kadok) and Package 2A (Kadok to Ketereh) is fully completed and already in use.

“Meanwhile, Package 2B (Ketereh to Kok Lanas) is still under construction. According to the schedule, the progress should have been 100%, but it is currently at 80%, with penalties costing RM30,000 a day.” 

He said this when replying to a question from Datuk Seri Md Alwi Che Ahmad (BN-Kok Lanas) at the Kelantan State Assembly meeting in Kota Darulnaim on Tuesday (March 21).

Azami said, however, that the Public Works Department had issued an acknowledgment of incomplete work to the contractors involved.

“Package 3B from Kampung Berangan Mek Nab to Kampung Keruh was previously under the Lebuhraya Rakyat package involving 10km (of length), and has been handed over to the federal government for completion.

“The federal government has agreed to take over the construction without debt. We owe about RM60 million and we hope that the government will take over the project including debts,” he added.

Azami said Package 2C (Kok Lanas-Machang) and Package 3A (Machang to Bukit Tiu) are expected to be completed on March 5, 2026, as there is a 44% delay.

“As for Package 3C from Kampung Keruh to Kuala Krai, work progress is at 6.23%, and it is expected to be ready by Dec 26, 2025,” he said.

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