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Govt need not pay a single sen to acquire toll concessionaires: Tony Pua

"Therefore, the simple mathematics will conclude that it is vastly cheaper for the government to acquire the highways than to pay compensation, since the acquisition cost of RM6.2 billion is self-financed. On the other hand, if the toll rates are merely frozen, these concessionaires will collect at least RM5.3 billion in compensation from the government.”

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Bubble tea property hot spots

Based on observation, bubble tea shops seem to be located in commercial centres that are already well-known for their F&B offerings and their proximity to educational institutions to target the youths; hence these three locations.

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Why we should build for our health's sake

“What’s concerning however, is the lack of awareness and understanding of how the indoor environment affects us, let alone the concept of incorporating wellness elements into the design of buildings from day one."