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Co-work trend: A boon for the office market?

Indeed, many conventional office owners or developers in Malaysia are creating co-working spaces in their developments either by venturing into the business and creating their own brand or through joint ventures with established service providers.

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SunCon intensifying pursuit of overseas construction jobs

In India, SunCon has reopened an office and working on tenders for three toll-road projects worth about RM1 billion each. In Myanmar, SunCon via a joint venture (JV) with local conglomerate Capital Diamond Star Group, stands a good chance of winning a building job worth RM200 million to RM300 million for the maiden phase of a mixed project in Mandalay.

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Malaysia polluted by imported wastes

Why does Malaysia have to take on the burden of disposing of all that foreign garbage, most of which are shipped from developed countries? Apparently, both the exporters and importers involved label their consignments as “waste for recycling”. The reality, however, is very different as the bulk of the imported waste materials is not fit for recycling.