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新闻 Oct 22, 2017


重点报道:Seberang Perai租屋市场看俏

新闻 Oct 21, 2017

有些Seberang Perai房屋的每月租金,在2016年录得10%以上的增长率,有的甚至高达18.8%,到底这些是什么样的产业?

raqa_afp.jpg by AFP for The Edge

Free but in ruins, uphill struggle to rebuild Syria's Raqa

In Depth Oct 21, 2017

"The presence of water-borne diseases and of unburied corpses were also reported, posing a grave public health risk."

热盘行情:Prisma Perdana公寓,Taman Midah,Cheras

新闻 Oct 20, 2017


trivepropertygroup_1.jpg The Edge

Trive gains 30% on RM1.1b project MOU

News Oct 20, 2017

"The affordable housing development will comprise residential condominium/apartments towers (1,775 units) and a retail/commercial (50 units) central parking podium, strategically located in KL."

paneldiscussionpic.jpg By Low Yen Yeing/

Concerns over enforcement on fire safety regulations

In Depth Oct 20, 2017

Members of the audience at the Symposium 2017 questioned how safe their homes really are and whether there was enough enforcement to ensure that the buildings they reside in are safe.

20171014_peo_edgeprop.mysymposium201713_lyy_tep.jpg by Low Yen Yen Yeing/

Burning questions

In Depth Oct 20, 2017

Questions from the audience were forwarded to the speakers of the Symposium 2017 “Is your home a fire hazard?” after the event. Here are their replies.

20171014_peo_edgeprop.mysymposium201724_lyy_tep_0.jpg By Low Yen Yeing/

Electricity — friend or foe?

In Depth Oct 20, 2017

How can electrical accidents be prevented?

20171014_peo_edgeprop.mysymposium201721_lyy_tep.jpg By Low Yen Yeing/

Steps to keep our homes safe from fire

In Depth Oct 20, 2017

The root cause of most fire mishaps in the country is ourselves, because we do not take fire safety seriously.

20171014_peo_edgeprop.mysymposium201718_lyy_tep.jpg By Low Yen Yeing/

The cost of fires

In Depth Oct 20, 2017

The worst enemy of fire safety is complacency.