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Building design and indoor air

I have seen in the photographs of my fellow inspectors of hospitals’ dark airways that are obviously reeking with moulds and other horrible things. And this is the very place you are supposed to go and get well. — Lee

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The ‘price’ of clean air

Our current lifestyle sees us spending 90% of our time indoors, so it is the right time to address this issue. We have to look at the cause and source of air pollution, whether it’s biological or chemical.

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The political and individual will

I wish developers will build more efficiently and incorporate more green features in their buildings, as these would lead to better indoor air quality in the long run. We must look at the bigger picture and not just think short term and build with only maximum profit in mind.

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Wish list

We must do our part so that we can all build a better, cleaner environment. After the Certificate of Compliance and Completion, the JMB is formed and property managers take over — so they must also be informed about issues such as air quality and make it part of our agenda. — Low