Take responsibility of your strata home

Khaw Chay Tee

KUALA LUMPUR (May 12): It is important to take responsibility of the strata residence that you live in and be prepared to be a management committee (MC) member to serve the community conscientiously, honestly and impartially, said Sri Penaga management corporation chairman Khaw Chay Tee at Symposium on Excellent Property Management 2018 held at Hilton Kuala Lumpur Hotel today. The theme of the event was “Mistakes you CAN'T afford to make!”

Khaw was speaking on the topic "Without fear of favour – Tested sustainable community living".

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“The MC will set the standard which you are living in. Most people who move into the condominium feel that it is too much trouble to get involved in [in the management of the condominium]. However, no matter how good a property management company is in managing the development, it will still require direction and constant oversight [by the MC],” Khaw explained.

He added that committee members must also make decisions based on the best interest of all the owners and residents of the development. In fact, this is one of Sri Penaga’s MC code of conduct for the committee members.

Sri Penaga is one of the Gold winners for the recently concluded Malaysia Best Managed Property Awards 2018.

The symposium was organised by with partners Nippon Paint Malaysia and Panasonic Malaysia. Supporting sponsors were Gamuda Land, Red Ideas Sdn Bhd (Graaab JaGaApp) and Zurich General Insurance Malaysia Bhd. It was also supported by The Edge Malaysia. Symposium on Excellent Property Management 2018

Read the full report on the symposium in the May 18, 2018 issue of pullout, which is available for download.     

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