Ipoh to pioneer use of waste trap system to mitigate flash floods

IPOH (July 26):  Ipoh City Council will soon get a new system to trap waste in drains, rivers and lakes to reduce flash floods to reduce the incidences of flash floods, Housing and Local Government (KPKT) Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin revealed today.

According to a report by The Malay Mail, Zuraida told the media during a visit to the Perak capital’s city council that “this was the first time such a system was deployed” in the country.

“What I know about the system so far is that it will trap all the waste in the drains, so that flash floods can be avoided.

“If the system shows progressive result and successful, we will bring it to other local councils in the country as well in the future,” she said.

It has been reported that KPKT “approved nearly RM2 million” for Ipoh City Council's projects which include this pioneer trap waste project. 

Meanwhile, Ipoh City Council engineering director Khairul Anuar Nordin told the news portal that was the waste trap system was now “at the tender stage and will be completed in four months once work starts in September”.

“What this system will do is that it will trap all the waste in the drain, river and lake and gather it in one place.

“Then the waste will be moved to the waste disposal site. This will not only help to avoid flash floods, but will also keep our drains, rivers and lakes clean,” he explained.

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