Richard Branson's youthhood home up for sale

The English home where the self-made billionaire grew up in sits on a 1.4-acre plot in Shamley Green, a conservation village in the Surrey Hills Area of Natural Beauty.

Bringing festive light and cheer at The Waterfront

The Park Entrance where the Magical Wonderlights are located is very spacious and is able accommodate visitors comfortably. The light installations are also spread out to avoid people crowding at the same spots at one time. Our security personnel also make regular rounds to ensure distancing is in place.

Slender yet functional tiny home

Despite looking very tiny from outside, the house located in Goldhawk Road, Shepherd’s Bush in London is actually not that small as it spreads to five floors with a total built-up area of 1,034 sq ft, where the lower ground floor serves as dining area, garden room, kitchen and a private garden.

The once-in-a-lifetime chance to live in KL’s freehold development

Built by leading developer Sunway Property, Sunway Belfield nests on 4.53 acres of freehold land along Jalan Belfield in the KL city centre. It is worth noting that Sunway Belfield  is less than 1km away or within walking distance from Malaysia’s next landmark – Merdeka 118.

Three questions to ask before renovating your new home

Instead of looking at full renovation, owners who are looking for rental income should consider things that could value-add to the properties, especially for secondary properties, for instance, replacing the tiles of the kitchen or bathroom or a change of sanitary ware to increase the unit’s attractiveness.

Satisfy your hunger cravings in Seremban

Seremban is definitely more than just a haven for baked crabs, roast meat buns (siew pau) and beef noodles. Check out some of the other, less publicised treats that are in store.

Living in a green machine

The S11 House is living testimony of beauty, comfort and sustainability. Even after 10 years past its completion, this "green machine" designed and owned by an accomplished architect, continues to evolve in its own unique manner. What makes this home so special?

Shopping malls dressing up to spread festive joy

Although there might be less festive spirit this year around, it also serves as a reminder to always treasure what we have and the ones we love while we can. Check out these six malls which continue to lift up the spirit of their visitors up with their amazing decors!