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In Bangsar, spring arrives — Kebun-Kebun Bangsar

“It’s not about trying to get ourselves to ask what the country or politicians can do for us, but what we can do instead to contribute to our country and our community. In Malaysia, we need to start by helping ourselves. We need to do more and talk less.”

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Hidden in plain sight

Take a peek at a side of Butterworth you may not have seen before. Local artists show their stuff on the walls of buildings in this northern town.

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Pop-up markets: Makers & Co

Makers & Co creates most of its pop-up markets based on themes, such as festive or holiday events; while for some, the motif is inspired by the locality of the pop-up, based on areas of interest in the vicinity of the chosen area. 

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Pop-up markets: OMG

It started out as a small scale 2-day affair in a shopping centre in KL in May 2017. Today, it has turned the MyTOWN shopping mall into the go-to venue for weekend bazaar shopping.

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Pop-up markets: RIUH

Here today, gone tomorrow, that is the nature of the pop-up market. But RIUH is now held on a monthly basis in the Klang Valley. It strives to ensure brands and products are homegrown. #Live! #Live!2019 #myedgeprop #riuhinthecity